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Huckfeldt - picture with Dons Dad edited

Lloyd and Don, age 14, working on Don’s first well.

One of Napa’s Best Well Drilling Companies

Drilling quality water wells requires crews with exceptional experience. That’s why Huckfeldt Well Drilling employs the best people around. 40 years ago, Lloyd Huckfeldt struggled to put in his first well, using a slow, inefficient cable rig. He knew there had to be a better way. So he started a company to do just that. That spirit of innovation thrives today in his son, Don Huckfeldt, who leads the way with state-of-the-art rotary drilling equipment, and extensive geological knowledge gained from decades of local drilling experience. The Napa terrain creates a challenge for well drilling companies but Huckfeldt has grown to overcome them and thrive in the region.

At age 14, Don Huckfeldt drilled his first well with Lloyd, his Dad. By age 20, Don earned a degree in Natural Sciences from Napa Valley College. Later, he went on to study Natural Resources at Humboldt State University. Huckfeldt Well drilling started as a family business with Don’s father and continues to involve the whole Huckfeldt family as Don’s wife of 22 years, Ann Huckfeldt, works closely with him throughout different aspects of the business.  

Don also knows it takes skilled crews to put all this capability to productive use. It’s called know-how, and it has been a big part of our success.

Lloyd and Don Huckfeldt

Our drillers include Matt Malinowski who started in 1995 at the age of 18 and is in his 23rd year of service. Tom Caldwell is another member of the Huckfeldt team who started when he was 19 and is now on his 17th year with us. Drillers Stephen Oja and Nick Perkins are on their 5th year working with Huckfeldt. Well drilling companies in Napa face unique challenges and our experience has made us a leader in the field.


In Memory: Melvin Royal

Mel was the toughest man on the team. He was known for getting the job done and sometimes that required grabbing a bigger hammer.

Mel had a big heart, was kind and extremely loyal. Mel put in nearly 35 years of service and was a big part of making Huckfeldt Well Drilling what it is today.


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