Huckfeldt Well Drilling Equipment

All the expertise available does no good without the proper tooling and equipment. Here is a summary of the most vital components of our equipment fleet:


All of our rigs are modern top-head TH60’s. The uniformity of our fleet creates a safer, more efficient work environment. The TH60 has been an industry standard for decades. With an on-board air compressor and fluid pump, they are a versatile machine well suited for our region. They have exceptional pull back power and rotational torque, making them the ideal choice for any situation.

Rig tenders

Every rig is accompanied by a flatbed water truck with a 2000 gallon capacity tank. The bed holds our drilling water and other necessities such as drill pipe, collars, bits, hoses and fittings. It is the main support truck on the jobsite. By combining equipment carrying capabilities with a water tank, these specialty trucks help keep our jobsites as organized and compact as possible.

Fluid Recyclers

A fluid recycler mixes, holds and cleans our drilling fluid. When drilling with a full hole fluid method, one of our modern recycling systems will be onsite. This machine connects to the drill rig’s fluid pump, which then sends the fluid down the borehole. We have chosen the Tibban MP255-100 as our fluid recycler of choice. They are equipped with a state of the art de-sanding system, which separates the fine sands and silts out of the fluid and borehole, leaving a cleaner sand free well in the end. The MP255-100 also has an auxiliary fluid pump on board. This pump can supply additional down hole pressure and flow when the situation calls for it. We have maintained fleet uniformity with our fluid recyclers, with each drill rig having a dedicated MP255-100 to support it.

Auxiliary Air Compressor

When drilling deep or large diameter boreholes on air, an auxiliary compressor can be required. We couple our Ingersoll Rand 900 CFM compressor to the on-board air compressor of the drill rig. The addition of this clean, high volume, high pressure air is crucial when completing a larger scale air hole.

Support Trucks

Our fleet is rounded off by our F-Series Ford work trucks. Custom built flat beds specially suited for our needs with on board fuel transfer tanks. These are heavy capacity trucks built to get the job done.


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