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Providing a Reliable Water Well Service for the Napa Region

With over 45 years of local experience in the water well service, Huckfeldt Well Drilling offers expert well drilling services in the Napa Valley and surrounding area. Our professional water well drillers have developed specialized techniques that ensure a smooth drilling process and a quality water source that lasts for years. 


The prominent ridge-lines along the Eastern and Western borders of the Napa Valley are ideal for air drilling. This method allows us to measure the well’s potential to produce ground water. Air drilling works best on properties with a stable geology.

Huckfeldt uses state-of-the-art rigs and equipment that give our crews the ability to see first water and additional aquifer increases during drilling. Huckfeldt Well Drilling will help you determine if air drilling is the right process for your new water well.


The floor of the Napa Valley consists of loose, unconsolidated alluvial sands and gravels. Fluid drilling is the method of choice in these formations. During drilling, fluid is pumped out of the drill bit and up the borehole. This fluid holds back the intrusion of groundwater equalizing hydrostatic pressures, stabilizing the borehole. As it travels up hole it carries the drill cuttings to the surface where they enter a recycling system. Our state of the art fluid recyclers remove the fine sands and drill cuttings from the fluid before it is recirculated downhole. If unstable geology is encountered during air drilling, fluid drilling is an effective way to complete the project.


Well destruction is a complex process. Every well is unique. Construction methods, building materials, and age affect the destruction process. Well destruction requires the services of a licensed water well contractor. The water well drillers at Huckfeldt will assess your existing well and consult with county authorities to develop a plan to backfill and secure it legally. We work with hand-dug, steel and PVC cased wells of all sizes and depths.


Proper containment procedures are essential to protect the land and watersheds surrounding a drill site. During drilling, groundwater and geology will come to the surface. Both must be managed appropriately to reduce soil erosion and control the flow of turbid waters on the ground. The professionals at Huckfeldt Well Drilling have developed techniques to combat the challenges of even the most difficult drill sites, ensuring a smooth water well service.


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