The Napa Valley has a rich geological history. It’s important to understand and study it in order to provide residences and businesses with the right water well drilling service. We’re looking into Napa’s incredible geology and learning the best ways to coexist with it.

Napa Valley’s landscapes expand into a quarter-million acres of land with 45,000 acres of vineyards. The valley formed over a course of 150 million years by tectonic plate movement and volcanic activity. The erosion and mixing of this material created complex and varied soil compositions – alluvial fans emerging from the hills and spreading onto the valley floor.

The San Pablo Bay periodically intruded (at one point, as far as Yountville) further stirring the geological elements of the Valley. The soil diversity therefore represents half the world’s soil orders, 33 soil series, and over 100 soil variations. Valley floor soils are deeper and more fertile while hillside soils are rockier.

Huckfeldt Well Drilling is a water well drilling company with extensive knowledge of the terrain. We have developed specialized techniques to ensure a smooth water well service.

Air Drilling is a water well service for the eastern and western borders of Napa Valley. The prominent ridge lines along these borders are ideal for this method as it allows us to gauge the well’s ability to produce fresh water. Air drilling is best for stable geology.

Loose, unconsolidated gravels and alluvial sands can be found on Napa Valley’s floor therefore, fluid drilling is our approach here. If we encounter unstable geology during air drilling, fluid drilling is used to complete the project.

Huckfeldt Well Drilling is the Expert Water Well Service for Napa Valley

With such incredible and varied soils, a water well drilling company with experience and passion is a must. Huckfeldt provides a water well service to residences, wineries, and more – we make sure to us the proper methods depending on the location and geological conditions of the ground. Browse each water well service we offer and understand a bit more about our water well drilling company.

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